Do you also have the surname Kluiber?

The surname Kluiber was used also in form KLOIBER and KLUIBR, in the 17th century GLUIBER, GLUBER, KLUYBER etc.
Or do you have any Kluibers among your relatives? Then you can discover here your ancestors and relatives. Are you interested in the links between family lines from Stachy region in Sumava mountains, Czech Republic? In the scheme there are drawn links of some tens of family lines (houses) from this region.

The founder of the family line described on these pages was Jakub Kluiber 1670-CZ1736 from the homestead Krousov No. 141 (Krousov = Grosshoff, Großhof, Groszhof, Groussen, Krausow) nearby the village Nicov and all Kluibers in Czech Republic are his descendants or wives of his descendants. Kluibers inhabited the homestead Krousov 141 for more than 200 years and it still exists and today the hamlet Krousov is a part of the village Stachy, district Prachatice, Czech Republic. In the beginning  of the 20th century many Kluibers left Bohemia, but there are some that could be traced like: Isidor Kluiber CZ1882-D1944, Joseph Kluiber CZ1880-USA1955 and his step-brother Rudolf Kluiber CZ1900-USA1981.

The surname Kluiber comes from an old Bavarian name for „lumberjacks“ or „quarryman“.

Entries concerning ancestors of Jakub Kluiber 1670-CZ1736 have not been found yet.
In the book Czech Glass by Frantisek Mares (České sklo - František Mareš) from 1893 there are entries mentioning southbohemian glassblowers of a similar name Klojbar (=Khloiber) that lived in the region in the beginning of the 17th century. Adam Klojbar was of protestant denomination and due to the fact that during the 17th century a tough recatolization was under way it is possible that some of Kluibers had to or decided to leave the country.

There was found some genealogic information on internet about family lines of Kluibers in Hungary, Belgium, in The Netherlands and of Kluibers from Traubing by Munich in Germany at .

Do you belong to the descendants of Jakub Kluiber or do you have some other information about Kluibers? Please share it with other visitors of these pages and send it to the address . I gradually compile the sources and the most actual version of descendancy is in the section Downloads available.

The descendancy connects:

Some separate family lines of Kluibers from Krousov are publicated at .
At are links of Kluibers with house Milner and Moore .
Family line (the house) Kluiber from Krousov is also linked to the house of Voldrich for many times, particularly with offsprings of Adam Voldrich, born in Žírec by Zdíkov in Sumava mountains, CZ.

The basis of the family tree arose in the year 1992.
The size of the printed descandency is about 90 x 250 cm.
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František Kluiber CZ1951-CZ
1. 9. 2006